Pasadena Residence

Pasadena, California

The landscape design for this residence is intended to reflect both the modernist architectural motifs as well as the Asian heritage of the owners. The modernist aesthetic is expressed in the rectilinear/geometric forms of the planting beds; an uncomplicated/non-fussy plant palette with strong gestures of massings of single-species plant materials; and the extension of the architectural volumes into the landscape by creating a green topiary cube. The Asian motifs include: bands of cobble at the base of the house; a yin and yang relationship of grass and water in the rear yard; vignettes/compositions of Japanese maples, large stones and cobbles as focal points; and small groves of Ginkgo trees. An Asian plant palette, including bamboo, ginkgoes, Japanese maples, is planted in sympathy with a more drought-tolerant California palette, including agaves, flax, Mexican feather grass and redwoods.

Architect: LCRA Architects