Sierra Highway Greenbelt

Palmdale, California    Client LCI Engineers   

In developing the design and construction documents for this half-mile-long meandering pedestrian and bicycle pathway in the downtown area of Palmdale, in 1997, TGP, Inc. incorporated the then cutting-edge philosophy of green, sustainable landscape design with California native plants that has recently become de rigeur. Picnic and sitting areas are randomly dispersed throughout the three landscape zones of open lawn, meadow and desert that comprise the greenbelt. The desert pockets highlight Joshua trees and other High Desert plants. A 12-foot-wide concrete bicycle and pedestrian path meanders between turf and meadow areas.The greenbelt screens the adjacent railway from the downtown core. While Phase 1 was installed in 1997 and Phase 2 in 2003, the park is as inviting today as when it was first established.