Portside Ventura Harbor

Ventura, California    Developer Sondermann Ring Partners    Architect Togawa Smith Martin, Inc.

TGP is responsible for preparing landscape design and construction documents for a 26-acre residential community located at the Ventura Harbor. This prime, waterfront community is comprised of  270 apartments in 19, two and three storey buildings that are grouped into 5 neighborhood blocks. A mixed-use building sits on a central plaza that is connected to a 2.5 acre public park at the other end of the site by a 50 ft. wide pedestrian promenade, both designed by TGP,  that meanders along the water’s edge.  Residential amenities designed by TGP for the community include a pool area, a bocce court area, a tennis court, a pet park, and amenities at a  recreation building. The project commenced construction in late 2016.